Financial Survival for Physician Practices

As I prepared for the day in my hotel room on the East Coast, I turned on CNBC in the background. The show caught my attention when they were discussing the continuing challenges in the real estate market and had none other than Spencer Rascoff of Seattle’s on as a guest. The first thing that struck me was that he was doing the interview in the very early morning hours PST time. More importantly was the perspective he shared – that tough times will continue for the foreseeable future for a variety of reasons.

As my morning progressed and I began spending time with providers, I heard a parallel theme from those in private practice…times are rough. For those looking for ideas on how to manage your way through this valley, I’d suggest reading the following two posts by Michael Finch, CPA. Michael is a financial expert specializing in helping physicians manage their financial affairs.

Six Great “Step 2+” Cost-Saving Changes to Make Dramatic Cash-Flow Improvements

Five Cash-Flow Generators Most Practices Can Implement Within Three Months


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