Physician Profile Series

One of the most enjoyable things about working with providers all over the country is the chance to learn about their passions and interests. Anyone who has worked with physicians knows they are cut from a different cloth than most. Obviously they are smart, and diligent enough to spend years in highly competitive academic and Residency programs. They are subject to extreme scrutiny and put up with incredible hours. But these are just the outward manifestations of what’s underneath the hood.

Over the years I, and my staff, have written about physicians we find particularly interesting. Recently I have been compelled to highlight more of these physicians. Physicians tell me they find it interesting to see what colleagues are passionate about, excelling in, etc. I think it’s also worthwhile to highlight aspects of providers less often known to most of us. It’s far more common to know where physicians studied, what papers they wrote, what companies they speak for etc. It’s just as interesting, if not more so, to learn about their passion for fly-fishing or interest in writing mystery novels or dedication to mission efforts around the world.

Although the introduction to this series comes after lots of profiles to date, we have a bevy of terrific physicians we’ll be introducing you to over the coming months and some new formats and contributors. If you know of a physician with particularly interesting or exceptional interests, please send us a comment with their name and contact info. This group has and will continue to get featured through word-of-mouth introductions.


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