HIMSS11 Underway

HIMSS11 is off to a big start with almost 31,000 attendees focused on the role of technology in our healthcare industry. The top IT vendors in the country are in attendance and the vendor showroom officially opened Monday afternoon with hundreds and hundreds of vendors in attendance.

One of the highlights of the talks Monday morning was the social media presentation given by Lee Aase from the Mayo Clinic. Lee acknowledged that he holds Guy Kawasaki and his presentation rules in high esteem but then jokingly said he was going to completely ignore them for this particular talk. Lee’s talk was funny, humble and enlightening. He closed his talk with this delightful video highlighting the Mayo Clinic’s contributions of music to the healing environment. If there was a theme to the talk it was that Social Media is here to stay and organizations need to refrain from practices like site-blocking and over-regulating.

The Mayo Clinic recently launched their Social Media Health Network Site. Yet another display of their efforts to further discover ways social media tools can be harnessed to improve health care, promote health and fight disease.

To get Lee’s full presentation, CLICK HERE.


One comment on “HIMSS11 Underway

  1. Carol says:

    (THe abbreviation is HIMSS. Health Information and Management Systems Society.) Having worekd in healthcare for 35 years and a number of different hospitals, I always tried to be available to friends, family and community members as a resource to point people to all the wonderful services our hospitals had to offer. i felt lucky to be able to hear of new technologies coming to the hospital or pending research or the doctors who did outstanding work in specialty areas. These new social media tools are perfect ways for hospitals to share this important information with their community, connect patients with other patients and families that face similar situations to support and share tips and for clinicians and patients to interact to clarify medical info, address questions and reach out for feedback.

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