Market Opportunities in Healthcare IT

Today I wrote a guest post for Xconomy entitled Health Records are Going to the Cloud, Going Mobile, and the Feds Are Still Paying.

The post represents what I see as the primary trends in healthcare IT and correspondingly, where the majority of interesting innovations will come from. This is not to say there isnt going to be a lot of activity with ACOs, but there is likely going to be little in the way of innovation or real economic opportunity in areas such as this. I base that statement on one thing: history. ACOs are just the newest machination of organizations that have been tossed around for almost a decade. While there are differences from RHIOS etc, they are not enough to get me too excited. Mobile and cloud computing on the other hand, are wide open frontiers and innovation we have seen in the consumer sector for a decade is about to influence healthcare in meaningful ways.


2 comments on “Market Opportunities in Healthcare IT

  1. Denis says:

    I believe the local hispotal where I live in Geneva NY is already an ‘Accountable Care organization” Finger Lakes Health or Geneva Hospital. They work under a very different view of medicine these days. When you become ill, and go into their hispotal, you are not allowed to have your own private physician take care of you, but a “Hospitalist” who is paid by the hispotal takes over. He knows nothing about you, and as I hear doesn’t see you all that often. The private physicians are unhappy about this, but now I understand what is happening. The hispotal is hiring “their own” physicians and paying them a flat salary. So If you go to one of them, you can be certain they are working for the hispotal, not putting their patient first. I didn’t know Obamacare was already taking over how our healthcare works, but it seems even in this small city of 14,000 you can’t hide from it. It is devastating and I wonder every day why I moved back to New York State.

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