Successful Startup 201 from Skype Founder

A WSJ blog post by Deborah Gage titled: Skype Founder to Students: Dont Follow the Obvious Path is the most insightful advice on creating a successful start-up I have encountered in quite some time. The talk was given by Skype Founder Niklas Zennstrom to a group of Stanford MBA students, but provided insight for any entrepreneur.

A bullet-point list of the highlights are as follows:

  • Perseverance – Skype video calling was the third iteration of the business based on trial and error.
  • Counter-intuitive – In order to be successful you have to bring something unique to the market. Few people will tell you your baby is ugly.
  • Raising Capital is Hard – Little left to be said until you’ve tried it yourself.
  • Hiring the Right People is Difficult – Few other factors have as big an impact.
  • Timing – You can get all the above right and if timing is off, you go nowhere.

2 comments on “Successful Startup 201 from Skype Founder

  1. Mohruy says:

    Benefits of Skype in business is very uefusl post for all business men.It is very smart thing , I like it very much .I also think web conferencing software is a great way to stay connected on the cheap. I have used skype in my business for a while ..Its also been a great way to save money and improve efficiency ..Thanks for this information .

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