Kickstarter & Carolyn Hopkins

A friend recently told me about an art project his daughter is working on. Mind you, this is not a simple arts and crafts school project. Carolyn Hopkins describes her project as follows:

This is a proposal for a large scale sculptural piece made up of 3 parts.  The first, at the base, is a life size horse upholstered to mimic the surface of a couch.  On the back of this horse will sit a structure similar to those found in fire towers or upholding deer blinds.  This structure will hold a small cabin made of rolled up blankets – about 18 feet up into the air.  This piece will be on exhibition in April at the Cranbrook Art Museum for the 2011 Cranbrook grad show Here Here.

Here is picture of Stage 1






I share this project for 2 reasons:

  • First, I love the idea behind Kickstarter. It’s an incredible concept to facilitate projects just like Carolyn’s. Raising money for a project like this is difficult for most people if it has to be done in large increments….but in small increments it’s manageable. The site is incredibly well developed and payment is done through your Amazon account….double bonus!
  • Second, if you want to give it a try, help underwrite Carolyn’s project. Even a few dollars helps her out and you can get started as an underwriter in the world of Kickstarter.

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