Davidoff Special R & Montecristo #2 in Zurich

Several weeks ago I was with some friends including cigar expert Bill Daly. One of those in the group challenged Bill to identify an unwrapped cigar including brand, series and year. Amazingly, Bill correctly identified the cigar as a Davidoff Special R 2005. Pat of the explanation for Bill’s accuracy lies in the fact that it was a Davidoff cigar. Davidoff smokers are almost cult-like in their admiration for the brand. In Seattle, there is only one place to purchase Davidoff but that is likely going to change over the next year or two. (Note: it is very expensive to obtain the Davidoff distribution rights for one’s cigar store.)

I provide that background story because I was fortunate enough to be offered both a Davidoff Special R and a Montecristo #2 this week-end. It’s been some time since I smoked either and it was a treat. Both lived up to their reputation for craftsmanship and offered a very smooth consistent flavor profile throughout the experience. I smoked both to the very end of the line…something I rarely do.  It’s particularly interesting smoking Davidoff in Switzerland where the brand holds its rich history. So, while it’s not often I am able to smoke Cuban cigars, it’s a nice treat now and then.


2 comments on “Davidoff Special R & Montecristo #2 in Zurich

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