BaselWorld 2011

Most people have probably never heard of BaselWorld. But if you are in the watch or jewelry industry it is a mandatory annual pilgrimage to Basel Switzerland the site of the largest jewelry and watch event on the planet. I have attached a few pictures of the event, but they can’t begin to do it justice.

Basel is about 45 minutes West of Zurich by train and near both the French and German borders. The town is entirely taken over by this event as it fills 5 major convention center type buildings. I am not a big watch enthusiast, although I will say this event will make a convert out of most anyone. The display areas are more like small shrines to the watches with the larger brands hosting facilities and events unmatched. Conference participants are able to meet the manufacturers, designers and sales teams for every viable watch brand in existence.

I know when I am not well versed in a subject and I am happy to turn to the experts. In this case, I rely on the head of the watch business. In an extensive post next week, Donny will provide my readers a short course on watch purchasing including recommendations at various price points and what’s new and hot this year. For those physicians who like quality watches, stay tuned. We’ll cover watches in every price tier. Perhaps more importantly, spouses should be studying up for their significant other.

iPad2 in Europe

If there was ever doubt about Apple’s product and marketing magic having the same impact cross the pond, let me assure you they are alive and well. While I didn’t travel to Europe to get an iPad2, I did witness Day 1 of the iPad2 launch in Zurich. As it turns out I needed a power adapter and had to get one at the Apple store. I’ve attached a photo of the Disney-esque lines that wound over a block and a half along Bahnhofstrasse. I spoke to someone in line who traveled from Stuttgart to wait in line for the device. Amazing to see the Apple magic transcend cultures, languages and continents.

Next week I will post some thoughts and news related to healthcare and technology specific to several European markets. Those posts will likely make their way to iMedExchange.

In the meantime, I may drop a few posts from Baselworld….the largest watch and jewelry show in the world.