Digital Entertainment Will Influence Healthcare

I was browsing through the Mashable article entitled “5 Tech Advances That Are Transforming Digital Entertainment” and it struck me that in each case these innovations have application in the healthcare industry.

The 5 Categories of Tech Advances Covered are:

1. Motion Gaming – Motion related technology is easy enough to visualize having an impact on surgery, rehab and so forth. Wii Fit has already initiated that trend.

2. 3D – neurosurgery and other disciplines are already testing out the efficacy of this technology.

3. Digital TV – This is far more about a new business model than it is technology. Industry has a lot to take from this shift. Reach your customers where they are and on their terms. Network television in which one has to be sitting at the time of the show is on par with having to visit a pharma rep when you have other priorities.

4. Airplay – mobility, mobility, mobility

5. Touchscreens – technology is slowly adapting to how we intuitively work rather than humans adapting to machines.