8 Items Driving This Blog

Starting to today I will begin sharing thoughts, research, insights and quality third party content with anyone who cares to read. Most often my subject matter will be focused on health care, technology, social media and the intersection of the three. Occasionally I’ll veer into other personal interests such as wine, politics, history, flying, restaurants, golf and general business.

For the past year I have been passing along what I consider some of the most useful content on the web using Twitter as the medium. Like any form of communication, Twitter is not well suited for all things. I recall a comment made by @KevinMD in which he described Twitter as a “headline”. While Twitter is effective for “learning” and passing along bursts of thought or links to content, it does not facilitate fully formed thoughts.

As a result, I decided to launch this blog.

Of particular focus on this blog will be the effective use of technology and social media….most notably for physicians.

To ensure readers have a sense of the lens through which I write, here are 8 Items Driving This Bog:

  1. My professional time and focus is on the success of physicians and the institutions around them.
  2. My estimate is less than 2% of physicians are remotely engaged with social media….I am not writing for the 2% for the most part. I want to reach the 98%.
  3. While I admire “e-patients” and all the talk and activity around patient involvement in health care….it is not my expertise or focus. There is inevitable overlap.
  4. I have been professionally involved with social media for the past 4 years and have been deeply involved with technology for over 20 years. I live it.
  5. Over the past 10 years I have been privileged to work with thousands of physicians all over the country in every practice setting and specialty. My efforts have been directed toward technology enabled solutions that serve MDs/DOs.
  6. I consider physicians the most important component of our health care delivery system.
  7. Social Media is new and dynamic, so the rules and best practices are not yet set on stone tablets. That said, there is a lot of nonsense, hyperbole and blind enthusiasm in the space. I aim to guide physicians, whose time is incredibly valuable, away from said noise.
  8. Everything doesnt need or have an “ROI”… some things we just do because they are fun.